The Expatriates

The Expatriates is a portrait series of Americans and Europeans who had come to live in Hong Kong when it was still part of the British Empire. Most arrived to seek adventure, wisdom, or fortune; a few to escape failure or scandal at home and might well have stepped from the pages of Graham Greene or Somerset Maugham.

Missionaries, sea captains, tai-pans, magicians, teachers, animal trainers, publicans, French perfume salesmen, policemen, artists - each a piece of the mosaic that forms the Western experience in Asia.

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   1. Birdman

   2. Artist and Muse

   3. Boatman

   4. Animal Doctor

   5. Trainer of Whales

   6. Jacko the Jester

   7. China Trader

   8. Acupuncturist

   9. Perfume Salesman
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